Hyd-Mech VW-18 Vertical Roll-In Bandsaw

Hyd-Mech VW-18 Vertical Roll-In Bandsaw

Stock Number: 2177

Hyd-Mech VW-18

Serial No. JW0106115      Age: 2006

Condition: Excellent

Price: $15,500

The VW-18 II is a semi-automatic vertical band saw with the ability to miter from 60 left to 60 right. This model is one of a kind in the HYDMECH line up with its saw head that can cut at 90 and be adjusted to cut at a 3 head cant. Featuring a 22"H x 18"W capacity, 5 HP motor, and 1 1/4" blade, the VW18 II is a reliable choice for all your light to medium-duty, vertical metal cutting applications.

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Round capacity at 90-deg17.5"
Round capacity at 45-deg12.5"
Round capacity at 60-deg10.25"
Rectangular capacity at 90-deg22"H x 18"W
Rectangular capacity at 45-deg15"H x 18"W
Rectangular capacity at 60-deg10.25"H x 18"W
Blade Dimensions1.25" x 16'3"
Blade Drive5HP
Blade Speed65-385 sfm
Table heigh36.5"
Machine weight2700 lbs
Machine Dimensions36"W x 95"L x 96"H

Equipped With:
Adjustable 3 canted head Double articulating, semi-automatic control Full stroking hydraulic vise Manual precise head positioning from 60 left to 60 right Mechanically adjustable guide arm On-demand hydraulics save energy 5 HP VFD. True direct blade drive no belts/pulleys Hydraulic positive down feed Cast iron band wheels Replaceable blade brush Robust steel base Easy access electrical panel and hydraulics Blade breakage switch Band tensioning with hydraulic gauge Replaceable carbide guide inserts 5 HP hydraulic pump provides system pressure Safety door interlocks Flood coolant with wash down hose Work light Spare Blades Manual New Coolant Pump Mist Coolant System

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Hyd-Mech VW-18 Vertical Roll-In Bandsaw
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