Cincinnati 10x24 Hydraulic OD Cylindrical Grinder

Cincinnati 10x24" Hydraulic OD Cylindrical Grinder

Stock Number: 2192

Cincinnati OL

Serial No. 35252B5U-0017      Age: 1967

Condition: Excellent

Price: $9,500

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Max Swing Over Table10-13/16"
Max Diameter machine will grind with full size wheel10-16/16"
Min Diameter of grinding wheel7.5"
Min diameter of grinding wheel for grinding 0" dia work9.5"
Nominal Distance between centers25-9/16"
Table Swivel towards wheelhead8 deg
Table Swivel Away from wheelhead3 deg
Grinding Wheel Diameter12" x 1" x 5" Bore
Wheel Head Sqivel Range110 deg
Headstock TaperJarno no 7
Workhead Speeds60 - 600 rpm (variable)
Table Traverse Speeds3 - 280 ipm (Variable)
Accurace of table revsersal at all traverse rates.001"
Table Tarry Adjustment0 to 5 sec
Mechanical hand traverse taebl1"
Wheelhead movement per handwheel revolution.050"
Wheelhead motor1.5 HP
Floorspace required59.5" x 114"
Machine weight5000 lbs

Equipped With:
Filamatic Spindle Bearings Variable Work Speeds Variable Table Traverse Automatic Intermittent Infeed Table Tarry Coolant System Lever Type Tailstock Central Lube System Grinding Wheel & Hub

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Cincinnati 10x24 Hydraulic OD Cylindrical Grinder
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