Lambert Gear Hobber 751

Lambert Gear Hobber 751

Stock Number: 0789

Lambert 751

Serial No. 7667      Age: 1976

Condition: Excellent

Price: $17,500

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Max workpiece diameter88 mm
Max Modul1.5/ DP 17
Smallest Wheel diameter.078"
Largest wheel diamter (milling 24mm)3.46"
Largest wheel diameter for 32mm milling3.14"
Largest milling length (for straight toothing)1.97"
Largest milling length (for angled toothing).98"
Max pitch angle20 deg
Max module in steel1.5
Max module in brass2.0
Milling Speeds150-1060
Tooth Speeds4-390
Feed per workpiece rotation.0013"
Machine weight1000 lbs

Equipped With:
Hydraulic Tailstock Change Gears Bevel Attachment Arbors Hobs Various Accesories

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Lambert Gear Hobber 751
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